3 Important Paleo Reminders

Sometimes in life, there is a right way and a wrong way of doing things. Not everything is subjective or relative to you, it just is.

One of those circumstances is about diet.

Well, not all diets work for each person, but if you do decide on a certain type, you need to 1) do it for the right reasons, 2) do it the right way, and 3) take it to heart.

Here are some reminders for when you do decide to go Paleo:

It’s not a fad

If you treat this shift in your diet as a way to fit in that gown in x-amount of time, or to be less bloated when swimsuit season rolls around, you’re going to be disappointed.

Just because it’s said to make you lose a couple of inches faster than other diets doesn’t mean that you can set a time frame for when that would happen.

You can’t compress your intake into a number of days or weeks, and expect to see results.

You’re not on a crash diet. (which doesn’t work as well as you think it does!)

What you need to keep in mind is that you are not doing it because everyone else is doing it.

You’re not supposed to do it for one single occasion that you need to look good in your clothes.

You’re supposed to think of it as a lifestyle change.

Like anything else that concerns your lifestyle, like career, it needs time to have an effect in your life. You build it up until it becomes part of you.

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There is no perfection

While it’s ideal to stick to your diet and make it work like clockwork, there will be times when your willpower is just weak and you will fall prey to breaking your routine.

Don’t kill yourself over it.

As your body progresses during this shift in your lifestyle, you will learn which types of food really affect your body in a bad way. And if you should take a step back and eat something you’re not supposed to, believe me, your body will remind you why it’s not good for you.

That’s enough punishment.

It’s not just for the rich

We hear this a lot, that the Paleo diet is only affordable for the wealthier crowd, and that’s not really true.

Although it’s best to buy organic, if you can’t afford organic meat, go to the next best thing that is right for your budget. (Tip: go organic with produce instead if you have to choose, especially those that you eat even the skin of.)

Choosing to eat well doesn’t have to be so expensive. Find the right market for you and there’s bound to be healthier choices there that could help you stick to your diet.


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