Tips On How to Stick to Your Meal Plan

As with any other diet, sometimes it’s hard to keep to it when you’re eating outside the house where you’re not free to create your own meals.

While it presents some challenges, there are a few ways you can make it a little easier to stick to your meal plan.

Tip #1: Plan Ahead

The problem with sticking to your diet sometimes is that you’re in a rush. You have to leave early in the morning and you’ll be late trying to prepare your food, or you get in late at night and have no time to pack for the next day.

No matter what occupational hazard it is, it pays to plan ahead.

Find two hours in your weekend to plan your menu and to go to the grocery. Fix your meals in storage containers already for the week ahead so you just need to grab and go.

Tip #2: Veggies are your friend

Vegetables are not just fillers or substitute. They are key players in making your diet work! Sure, the meat component is where people concentrate most of the time, but that’s not how you should view your plate.

Meat is not the star of the show. Everything on your plate should work. There are no understudies or back ups. Vegetables contribute greatly to making your Paleo diet work.

Tip #3: Buddy system

Just as you would rather have someone watch movies with, have lunches with, and go to the gym with, having a Paleo buddy will help greatly in keeping you on track with your diet. The support you’ll get and the feeling that you’re not going it alone will really boost your willingness to stick to the plan.

Tip #4: Hunger is normal

Don’t panic when you feel hungry in between meals and such. It’s normal to get hungry. It doesn’t always mean that your diet’s not working or you’re doing something wrong. You must remember that our bodies are different and so results will vary as well.

Tip #5: Explore options

Just because you’re not allowed your usual staples in your meals doesn’t mean you’re going to miss out. Find alternatives to the things that you feel you’ll miss. In time, you’ll develop a different taste level as well.

Keep yourself positive and always expanding your palate’s horizons. You shouldn’t see it as you’re ‘giving up’ a few things, but rather you’re challenging yourself to find better alternatives.

Tip #7: Buy organic

Whenever you can, choose to buy organic food rather than the alternative. In the olden days, pesticides weren’t needed to get the best that nature has to offer. Natural produce is better for your body because there are less or no toxins at all.

Tip #8: Disconnect from gadgets

We’re always online! Whether on the computer, mobile, or tablet. This is unhealthy on so many levels. Turn them off after office hours and spend the rest of your day outside, taking walks, enjoying things that aren’t on screens, increase sensory experiences.

Tip #9: Relate your diet

Paleo diet is not just for your body. It affects all areas of your life and you have to see it as a holistic approach to bettering everything rather than just one aspect. What you get from a healthy body is worth more than the difficulty of getting there.

You’ll feel better about yourself, and when you feel better about yourself, you relate better to your loved ones, and when that happens, you feel more content, happier with your life.

It’s a win all around!


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