How Not to Mess With Sleep

Just because you find it hard to sleep at night on a few occasions doesn’t mean you’re an insomniac. Dial down the drama of the condition.

There are a few little things that can contribute great discomfort in the art of sleeping.

Here are 5 things you should consider the next time you’re staring at your ceiling waiting for the sandman to come.

Your bed

We all know that beds can cost an arm and a leg, and you need 4 legs to make a comfortable one.

Stop scrimping on your mattress. You spend most of your time on this bed, and if you choose a cheap, uncomfortable one, you would end up spending even more for massages, therapy, and buying a new one later on.

You need a restful night to be able to function correctly the following day. You need to respect the sanctity of your bedroom, enough to warrant the proper tools in making it the best it can be.

Also, buy a bed frame. You’re not in a frat house anymore (unless of course you are, but still…) and you need to get off the floor, literally. As you get older, you’ll see that having it too low will affect your back in an extremely negative way.

[Side note: the threadcount of your sheets are also likely to contribute to the quality of your rest. So consider that the next time you buy sheets]

The temperature

Of course this depends on where you are also in the world, but the constant thing is to have a good room temperature where you’re ready to lay your head down for the night. Having it too cold or too warm will make you feel uncomfortable.

When it’s cool and comfortable in your bed, you’re more likely to feel sleepy. If you have too much layers and you’re bundled for a cozy night, but the temperature is not meeting your expectations, that’s going to be quite frustrating.

So make sure everything’s set before you get into bed.


This is the trickiest of them all–prying yourself away from checking your email, texts, Facebook, Instragram, Twitter, YouTube, and whatever else is out there on the internet.

You need to disconnect yourself consciously from these things. The more you think about them, the more anxious you will get. Even setting the alarm should be done separately from your mobile devices if possible.

People nowadays are just too attached to what’s online that they forget to go offline. That blue light coming from your gadget late at night is not helping you feel rested.

Alcohol consumption

While it may seem like alcohol helps us to fall asleep, it actually prevents us from getting a good one. Alcohol prevents us from staying or reaching REM in our sleeping state and is more likely to cause us to get up in the middle of the night and feel anxious that we won’t wake up on time later on.

If you can, stay away from too much alcohol. Maybe one glass of anything is fine, but anything that exceeds is like kissing good sleep goodbye.


Your last meal of the day will contribute greatly in what kind of sleep you’re going to get. If you eat a hearty meal, especially with a lot of carbs, your body is going to wake up from hibernating mode to processing mode. Your body will have to work overtime to digest your food.

Also, skip acidic food as this will cause your stomach to have some discomfort and wind up keeping you awake even longer.

That’s why as a rule of thumb, make dinner your lightest meal. You don’t need the energy anymore because your day is winding down.

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