5 Foods for a Healthy Heart

Indeed, the heart wants what it wants.

Rarely do we hear of cravings for salad, for veggies, fruits, oats, and other healthy food that our bodies need. Often, it’s pizza, burgers, fries, ice cream, cookies.

All high in undesirable fat, sugar, and other unhealthy things like preservatives and such.

But we need to start practicing craving for things that are good for us, for our heart in particular.

Things like obesity and heart attacks are not to be toyed or joked with. Victims of both are getting younger and younger, and unless we get the information out there that healthy doesn’t have to equal yucky, we might just continue on that route.

Here are 5 foods that taste great but help your heart as well:

Dark Chocolate

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Well, any day that includes a brick or two of these fine gastronomic indulgences is a great day. Even greater is if they contribute something good for our health, which they do.

Chocolate contains antioxidants that help lower bad cholesterol, which decreases stroke occurence. It also aids in keeping our arteries functioning well by helping it stay flexible so that no blockages and hardening occur.


It’s not just to ward off blood-sucking enemies anymore! Garlic reduces blood pressure and improves your body’s blood circulation. Not only does it add taste to your dishes, but it’s more than just an additive now.

Tip: Make sure you use fresh garlic more than those preserved ones to maximize health advantages.


While everyone assumes cholesterol is bad, there are also good cholesterol that prevent blood clot, improves blood flow, and prevents irregularities with your heart’s rhythms.

Now wouldn’t it be nuts to stay away from, well, nuts?

Kale has been the go-to super food in recent years. It contains the largest amounts of antioxidants in fruits and veggies and packs a healthy punch because it’s low-calorie but high in vitamins and fiber.

It contains a specific kind of fat–the alpha-linolenic acid, that’s known to protect your arteries from hardening.

Red Wine

Many are just as excited to hear about the health benefits of this alcohol much like they did with the dark chocolate announcement.

Red wine contains polyphenols which help prevent cardiovascular diseases. They also help circulate blood flow.

Tip: If you’re not much for wine, try a dark beer instead.

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