How to Massage Your Soul

We all know how good massages feel, especially after a particularly hard day when everyone just seems to get on your nerves–the cars on the road, the people in your life, the birds on the trees (just waiting to poop on your windshield).

Yup, we all get frazzled sometimes, even the most composed, the most patient people on the planet have bad days.

So, massage? Yes please.

But equally important is that you make sure you do things that soothe your soul as well.


Yeah, I know not everyone is a reader. It’s something that you either grew up with or that you train yourself to be. Either way, reading is something that can calm you.

Personally, I find it good to read funny books or articles, things that don’t require much thought as I’m reading them. No reflections, just laughter and simple feelings.


Whether you’re drinking tea or beer or wine, it all helps. Each of those have their own health benefits to put on the table like better digestion, better blood flow, and that it’s good for the heart, respectively.

But it’s not just the health benefits that help you.

Drinking, either alone or with a group of good people, takes away your worries. That moment of solitude, holding a drink, gazing out into a view or nothingness, lends a calm in your mind that you can’t quite explain.

It gives you the chance to find solace or to be social. Both of which serve their purpose in our lives.


Starting your day with silence and/or ending it will have a profound effect on how you live your life.

Mediation teaches you to rest your mind. It forces you to sit still and concentrate on the nothingness in a breathe, the act of breathing slowly, of taking it all in, releasing it at the right time, the right pace.

While these may sound like something you naturally do, make a conscious effort to understand how it affects you will make you feel better, physically and mentally.

The relaxation that comes as a result is something worth practicing it for.


No, you don’t have to be a poet or a professional blogger to purge your thoughts and emotions. All you need is a pen, paper, and an open mind.

The reason why you need the first two are obvious, but the open mind is needed to remind you not to judge yourself.

Sometimes we really are our worst critics. In effect, we become too conscious of what we write, we edit our feelings, we make our thoughts politically correct, and we choose our words too carefully.

What we come up with sounds contrived, not something that rids us of the feelings we need to expunge.

Just write. Write what you think and feel, raw.

You don’t need to worry that someone’s reading it over your shoulder or that somebody is going to find it and judge you for what you’ve written down.

This is just for you.

So stop editing yourself and just let everything hang out. It’s good to make it a habit to release your thoughts without worry.


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