The Wellness Culture in 2016

There are always new trends and fads when it comes to working out, fashion, diets, etc. More and more people are becoming conscious with how they are living so they want to be on top of their lifestyle choices.

People want to know what’s the latest in trimming down their weight, if there’s some new developments in the way people exercise, or if there’s a new ‘super food’ making its way to people’s smoothies or plates.

While some ‘purists’ snarl at the new wellness culture of the modern world, we can’t help but be attracted to these because they’re interesting.

The younger generation especially are attracted to things and activities that aren’t utilitarian and more centered on beautifying their lives while serving a purpose. That is the outlook that is reigning supreme.

So here’s a look at how the wellness trends are going to evolve this year.


A lot of people feel the need to detoxify from time to time, especially those who are opting to transition to a specific diet, they want to cleanse their system of toxins, and juicing has proven to be a good way of doing that.

It’s not that you do it everyday, but it’s a habit you pick up that you do regularly.

There have been good feedback and good results from the people who have incorporated juicing in their diet and you will see more of how this snowballs into bigger things.

Before it’s just fruits, then vegetables started to come in the picture, then raw ingredients that are also plant-based, superfoods, etc. So it’s starting to become more interesting because there’s something for each taste preference and purpose for doing the cleanse.

Here’s a delicious and refreshing fruit smoothie that contains all of the goodness you need to start the day.

Wellness Studios

There has been an emergence in wellness studios around the globe. What are wellness studios? Those are the fitness centers that aren’t just gyms, but hold classes like yoga, pilates, crossfit, and the like.

Sometimes wellness centers just center on one type of exercise but teach all kinds of that particular one like say yoga. There are different kinds like Bikram, Ashtanga, etc.

But more than offering these activities, they also provide a space where people can follow through on their lifestyle.

Most of the centers have their own little cafes where they can serve snacks or meals that cater to the type of lifestyle they are promoting.

More and more people are looking for places like this because it makes it easier to stick to their chosen diets and they meet like-minded people who share their passion or interest.

Healthier Traveling Experience

There used to be a time when traveling was so tiring and expensive.

Planning your itinerary just revolved around seeing the famous tourist sites, staying in expensive hotels to get the most for relaxing, and dining in expensive restaurants just to get a feel of the place.

Well fortunately, travel has evolved into a more experiential pursuit. Now, the flights are more affordable, hotels are not the only option (think Airbnb), and the food scenes are more diverse and vibrant.

Best of all, if you’re on some kind of diet, restaurants and hotels are more flexible now to your dietary needs, and there’s always a wellness studio nearby.

You no longer have to be restricted from choosing your destination because the world has evolved to accommodate the new lifestyle trends.

Life Balance

Now more than ever, people are realigning their professional life with their personal life. The idea of slaving away in a cubicle for 8-10 hours a day is too crushing a thought and people are looking for work opportunities that will allow them to still have a life outside of the workplace.

As the work force is mostly composed of millennials, companies are challenged to come up with suitable work environments to accommodate the priorities of most of these young ones.

They are not just looking for jobs, but for careers that will promote well-being. They need to feel free and that they aren’t compromising their lives for making a living.

In order to keep the talents of these fresh minds, we will see a dynamic shift in how businesses are conducted and the jobs that will start emerging that accommodates the kind of lifestyle that is prevalent now.

These changes in the world are good, because it means we are still evolving into more intelligent, more human species.

We are not shunning the reality that things are shifting towards something else, and we are starting to build and embrace a better world.

It’s something to look forward to, don’t you think?


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