How to Spot a Crash Diet

Most of those who want to lose weight find themselves falling into promises of a crash diet. This is because they are unaware of how to spot a crash diet. They restrict themselves from eating healthy and nutritious food that affects their overall wellness.

These types of diets only support short-term progress because they cause malnutrition and don’t present dietary changes that can be maintained for longer periods of time.

Crash diets look promising simply because they claim to offer such fantastic results, but don’t fall into it. Be wise and don’t be misled – these diets slow down your metabolism which makes fat loss even harder.

Falling for these empty tricks is like setting yourself up for future problems. Here are some things to watch out for to help you spot a crash diet.

#1. Crash diets usually call for less than 1200 calories

For most females, this is the absolute minimum number of daily calorie intake they should have. However, men should typically consume about 1500 calories.

Most crash diets asks that you strictly count your calorie intake. However, you should be cautious and remember that it’s best to avoid diets that has more rules than you can keep track of. Instead, put your energy into developing a healthy lifestyle by eating right and exercising every day.

#2. Crash diets only focus on one to two food groups

Do you know why it is important to classify various food according to groups? It is so that we don’t cut out on things that our body needs.

There are basic macronutrients such as proteins, carbs and fats that help us function properly; it will be totally unhealthy to cut out on it.

The best diet is something that should work with your lifestyle and not the other way around.

#3. Crash diets require the use of supplements

You have to stop and think before you take that pill. No supplement can ever compensate for whole foods that most fad diets recommend.

Don’t turn your pantry into a pharmacy. Get rid of meal replacement shakes and pre-made ‘instameals’ and stack up on food that has lean source of protein.

Fruits and vegetables are nutrient-dense foods so don’t eliminate them from your diet. Also, don’t forget to exercise especially if your diet doesn’t provide you with enough energy to stay active during the day.

Find a diet that enables you to eat right in your daily routine so that you can maintain your target weight for life.

In as much as you want to lose weight as quickly as possible, you should always be careful not to fall into crash diets. They should be avoided because they will never bring you long-term success, at least not in a sustainable fashion.

More often than not, severe crash diets will cause you to regain all if not more than all the weight that you thought you have lost. So it is best to choose a moderate diet approach which provide wholesome nutrition and enough energy to help you get through your day.

The best diet is the one that contains guidelines and meals that you can actually stick with. These will bring about better results and the process of losing weight and reaching your goal will be more enjoyable and fulfilling.

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