How You Can Be More Than Just Physically Healthy

Staying healthy is about knowing what to eat, when to eat, balancing your body’s needs with food, etc. But a big part of being healthy starts with the right attitude.

It takes a lot more than just providing your body with what it needs to say that you’re living a healthy lifestyle.

For busy folks, it’s harder to really get used to healthy practices. Whether you’re a single mom, someone who works 2 jobs, or anyone who is always on the go, bringing yourself to choose what’s good for you vs. what’s easy is a battle.

Here are three things you need to do to be healthy:

1. Surround yourself with good company

Life ultimately comes down to the choices we make. From the small stuff– what to wear, what to watch, to the bigger stuff– where to go for college, what career, what kind of life we want.

In our journey, we also choose the company we keep. Our parents and teachers always encouraged us to choose good friends. Why? Because they are your pillars of strength, the people you look to for advice, and the ones who have the power to influence you.

If you surround yourself with good people, the kind you aspire to become, the ones who have qualities you respect and admire, you are putting yourself in a good position to be like that.

The same goes for your nutrition. Half of the battle is knowing what to arm yourself with, and you always reach for what’s around you. If you surround yourself with good kinds of food, in times of hunger, you’re more likely to reach for an apple rather than a big bag of chips.

Stock your house with healthy snacks and ingredients instead of junk food. The urge to dial for take out and to grab potato chips because they’re easier to get at is a hard habit to break, but if healthy food is just around the corner, then you’re making it easier to choose that instead.

2. Get better at planning

Organizational skills might seem like an odd skill to incorporate in your nutrition, but there’s a very good reason why it should be something you’re good at if you want to be healthy.

Some people eat when they’re stressed. Stress is something you get from work, from home, from yourself, but behind that is because you’re rushing a lot of things. Why are you rushing? Because chances are you didn’t plan it well enough.

When you’re pressed for time to meet a deadline or when you’re rushing to a meeting so as not to be late, your tendency is to skip meals, to go for drive through, or to reach out for a donut in the pantry on your way.

No, no, no! You need to plan your schedule ahead of time. Yes, there are unpredictable factors like traffic or someone else not holding their end of the bargain (time-wise), but you can still allot for those vairables.

What you need is to come out with a schedule that lets you accomplish your tasks and also one that allows some down time in between to rest, to prepare meals, and to sneak in some exercise as well. Spend some time during the weekend to plan your menu ahead of time so you can efficiently execute your meal plan without compromising your health.

3. Stop comparing

One of the worst things to do is to compare your progress with others. Being healthy is not a competition with others but a competition with yourself. Your enemy is bad vices, a bad attitude, and a weak character.

You shouldn’t feel pressured into wanting a better body or a healthier lifestyle. Contrary to what society sometimes makes of diets or fitness fads, being healthy is something you do because you decide you deserve it.

A sexy body is not for your partner, it’s to feel good about yourself. A healthy lifestyle is not to be “in”, but to live longer for your loved ones. Consider the reasons why you want what you want and try to hold on to that when you’re tempted to compare yourself with others.


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