Losing Weight Without Losing Your Mind

Weight loss is a battle that is lost by many. Everybody wants the results without the hard work, and sometimes that really just isn’t possible.

The need to be healthy is real, but so is the struggle. It’s not automatic for most of us to choose the healthier options all the time, especially when eating out, when hanging out at the house, etc.

While it’s true that there are more important things you want to be thinking about like travel, work, your hobbies, your family, your significant other and the endless things on your bucket list, but without a healthy body (and mind), you can’t pursue any of those things.

So what you want to do is think of a method that works best for you. It has to be almost effortless. Find a way to eliminate having to think about losing weight.

How? Here are some ideas:

Shop smart

You know pretty much what types of food you need to eat, and what not to eat. Of course, you tend to go into specifics according to what diet you’re on (South Beach, Paleo, Atkins, etc), but the principles are the same.

Natural is better. Organic meat and produce are better than those that have been injected and sprayed with all sorts of chemicals and enhancers.

If you can’t afford to go organic all the time, stick to local. Local goods are more likely to have lesser chemicals. The ones sold in weekend markets and such.

Another thing about shopping for food, stick to the outskirts of the groceries. That’s where the healthy food are located. Your meats, veggies, and fruits usually line the perimeter.

Try and avoid the middle aisles as those are the ones filled with processed food. One more area to avoid is the check out counter. That’s where they line up the easy-to-grab-on-the-go junk food.

Eat creatively

Surround yourself with healthy food at home, at work, in your car, in your bag, and just about anywhere you’re likely to find yourself hungry. The temptation to eat is not really bad. You can eat as often as your tummy dictates. It’s what you reach for that could be problematic.

We’re always on the go, always rushing, and if your menu can’t compete with speed, health usually loses the battle.

Another aspect of eating creatively is picking the kinds of dishes you use. The smaller the plate, the better. It gives you the illusion of getting a full plate, without the amount being necessarily the same.

Stick to simple

Take smaller steps towards reaching your goal. Be realistic and simplistic.

What works for others might not work the same way for you. If you think you can improve your diet by tweaking it, then go ahead. The point actually is to get you eating healthier.

How you get there is important because if it’s your own pace, you can’t complain that it’s not getting you anywhere. You determine everything.

The simple changes in your diet will yield some good results. Not right away, but in inches.

You don’t need fancy anything to lose weight. Trading in simple practices will still make a difference. Going for the stairs rather than the elevator, trading in your big plate for a smaller one, maybe using chopsticks instead of spoon and fork, etc.

Being smart, staying creative about the steps you take and sticking to simple basics will go a long way in your pursuit for a healthier lifestyle.


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