Tips for Paleo Neophytes

With anything new, we need that extra boost to get started.

We need a little bit of direction, especially if it’s something that we’re not familiar with and has a structure of some sort.

A diet is something that you need to be conscious about and sometimes it’s easier when you keep these reminders in check:

1. Make a list of the ingredients you need for your paleo meals before you go to the store.

It’s hard enough trying not to get tempted to stray towards the forbidden aisles!

2. Never go to the grocery hungry.

When you’re hungry, you tend to reach for whatever is nearest you. And most often than not, when you’re shopping, there are more junk around than the healthy stuff.

3. Bring your own snacks!

Bring pre-packed healthy munchies everywhere you go. This way, you’re more economical and more disciplined.

4. Befriend you local butcher.

It always helps to make the right friends.

Make it a point to ask him about the meat they’re selling like where it comes from, what do they get fed, things like that.

If you befriend him, he’ll likely tell you about secrets as well– secret sales and all that.

5. Avoid the bakery at all times!

No matter how strong you think you are, don’t test it against the buttery scent of croissants and cookies.

6. Don’t think of it as giving up your favorite dishes.

Try still making them except Paleo friendly! You don’t have to miss the taste of it.

7. Slow cooker is your friend.

There are loads of paleo recipes you can make with it.

8. Prepare meals ahead of time.

When you plan your menu for the next day or even the entire week, it helps you declutter your mind and it also keeps you excited about what you’re going to eat.

You build anticipation instead of anxiety.

9. Be practical.

Organic can be pretty expensive especially in the meat section. If you can’t afford those, it’s fine!

Just make sure you’re substituting good quality ingredients, even in your choice of produce.

10. Cook by batches.

No matter how good a planner you are, sometimes plans fall through, and when they do, you don’t want to be caught in a panic at meal time with nothing paleo-friendly on the menu.

Stock your fridge or your freezer with an emergency paleo meal from a leftover batch from the last time you cooked.

11. Open your mind.

Being on a diet can be restricting and you don’t need to add undue pressure by being picky with what you can eat.

Be open to try new things–new vegetables, new fruits, new meat dishes, etc.

12. Keep non-paleo food out of sight.

In your house, if you have kids or a partner who doesn’t keep the same diet as you do, it’s better to segregate your goods.

Put theirs in a place where they can access it easily, but that’s out of your range of sight.

13. Get used to drinking water.

Water is good! Try not to drink sugary drinks anymore.

14. Opt for local restaurants.

If you need to eat out, choose the small restaurants in your area.

Get to know the menu, get to know the chef if you can. This builds rapport with the staff and management, and it’ll be easier to choose food that’s friendly to your diet.

They might even be more inclined to tailor some to your needs as well later on.

15. Take it slowly.

You’re not in a race to win “the fastest paleo transformation” award.

If you need to take gradual steps, then do so.

Do what feels right for your body. After all, you’re trying to develop a lifestyle, a habit, and it can take some time.

Try these Paleo recipes!

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