How to Start the Paleo Diet with Ease

Choosing to start on Paleo diet is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

However, you should be aware of the ‘no-go’ ingredients that will greatly affect your transition.

So here are some tips to help you make these changes with ease:

1. Take It Step By Step

If you feel that jumping in the deep end it is a bit much right now, that’s okay.

Take one step at a time, cut out a handful of non-paleo foods to begin with and see how determined you are to stay on track.

If you are finding that you are managing ok and you think it’s time to step up, cut out one more food per week, or even try going cold turkey!

2. Choose Natural

Paleo is all raw, natural, “hunter-gatherer” ingredients such as meat, fish, leafy greens, vegetables and raw nuts (except peanuts).

Know what you shouldn’t eat and stay away from the big NO NO’S such as pasta, bread, cereal, dairy, rice and sweets.

3. Be Creative

Take the family favourites and the everyday meals you love and modify them to become Paleo.

For starters, you can change an ingredient or two when cooking your a dish. For example using ‘zucchini noodles’ instead of regular pasta which tastes just as good.

You may use a Vegetable Spiral Slicer such as Twist ‘N ‘Slice to make perfect vegetable noodles.

4. Keep Your Focus

Almost everyone who started a new diet experienced a wee setback. Don’t let this discourage you.

What’s important is to think positive and look at it as a learning experience.

And to hop right back on track, we recommend choosing one of our Paleo recipes that will cure any cravings you may be having, even if that means making a fabulous Paleo dessert like Paleo Chocolate Brownies!

5. Shop Smartly

Make Paleo part of your daily routine. Check the labels of the foods you are buying to make sure that it doesn’t contain harmful trans fats, preservatives and other harmful chemicals.

When shopping, it’s also important to stay away from nasty, sugar-ridden foods. Eliminate them from your diet.

Clean out your kitchen pantry and remove all Non-Paleo items.

You’ll experience a profound change in the way you live once you make the shift to Paleo.


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