What is Paleo Diet?

The question most people ask themselves before they start with this diet is: What is Paleo Diet?

If you are one of those who want to know what PALEO actually is and what it means to be on a Paleo diet then you’re in for a treat!

I’m going to fill you in on the basics right now to get you started.

Paleo is a diet that is based on raw ingredients from back in the caveman days. This means no bread, no dairy – just fresh meat and vegetables.

Paleo foods are anything our ancient ancestors could hunt or find – nuts, leafy greens, root veggies, fruit, seeds, fish and animal meats.

It’s an amazingly healthy diet which will cleanse your insides, please your digestive system and give your body all of the nutrition it needs.

Plus, steer you away from all of the nasty added sugars, fats and chemicals that are seen all-too-often in our supermarkets today.

So if you want to lose weight, eat clean, amp up your energy levels and have some fun in the kitchen, then you need to check out all of the FREE healthy and delicious Paleo recipes we have made right here for you at YumPaleo.com.

With these recipes being made right here in our kitchen, and created into easy-to-follow videos for you to watch, we make Paleo living fun and easy for everyone.

So give Paleo a try today – take the Paleo challenge!



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