Paleo Lamb & Pumpkin Rosti


This delicious and nutritious lamb dish is perfect for dinner or a fancy lunch.

Serves 5

Fat 1

Prep 10 mins

Cook 35 mins


1 1/2 pounds (750 grams) of lamb steaks (or 2 small boneless lamb legs)
1 teaspoon coconut oil
Fresh rosemary
1 pumpkin, chopped into large slices and then grated
Handful of chopped fresh cilantro
3 free range eggs


1. Preheat the oven to 360F (180C) on fan bake.
2. Place the lamb in an ovenproof dish.
3. Sprinkle fresh rosemary on top of the lamb to give it a lovely flavor.
4. Cook in oven for about 35 minutes.

Pumpkin Rosti:
1. Add cilantro to the bowl of grated pumpkin and mix together with your hands.
2. Add 3 eggs to the pumpkin bowl and mix well.
3. Add coconut oil to a pan and heat on a medium-high heat, then place a spoonful of the pumpkin mix into the pan and fry about 3-4 minutes on each side (until lightly browned).
4. Repeat with the rest of the pumpkin mixture.
5. Serve lamb and pumpkin together, with optional sides of asparagus or a green salad.

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