3 Steps to Spring Clean Your Self

Over time, we tend to accumulate stuff in our lives. We buy furniture, gadgets, little trinkets of souvenirs from our travels. We grow, buy clothes, keep up with trends, etc.

And most of the time, we don’t think about getting rid of them, just adding to them.

Pretty soon, our houses are filled, our cabinets are bursting, and our garages are littered with boxes of used things.

Our bodies sort of do the same thing.

We eat, we sleep, we work, we get stressed, and all that affects our system. We accumulate fats, and different toxins which cause our bodies to slow down in its natural processes.

In both scenarios, the right thing to do is do a bit of spring cleaning.

So how do we do that for our bodies?

Here are 3 things you can make into a habit.


Drinking a lot of water will hydrate your system well. That’s one of the underrated problems nowadays. People seem to be drinking less of it and more of harmful liquids such as sodas and sugary juices.

If you want to stay functioning well for the day, you need to constantly drink water as you go. Its not something that should be done sparingly.

Choose homemade juices and smoothies

It’s getting popular now too, the home blends of juices that health enthusiasts create for all sorts of purposes. There are mixes for detox, for cleansing, for flu prevention, for rejuvenation, etc.

These juices have less sugar in them than the commercial ones out there. These really help give your body the nutrition it needs with all the fruits and veggies that they contain.

Since we don’t always make sure to drink our vitamins, this is a fun and yummy way to get them in our system and flush out the toxins in their place.

If you want, you can also do your own concoctions at home.

You don’t need to buy from those expensive juicing bars to get your fix. You can try researching which combinations maximize the effect you want.

Do local

Since we’re on the subject of DIY menus and such, it would be best if you purchase local meats and produce instead of going to the big grocery chains for your ingredients.

Local supermarkets or the weekend markets in your neighborhood get fresher goods and mostly organic too.

Which means you get more of the nutrients without the harmful chemicals that surround them.

Buy lot of foods that contain fiber to aid in your bowel movements. Roughage will help you remove harmful toxins easier.

Being healthy is really in your hands. There are a lot of things now that promote your general well-being, you just need to be more aware of your surroundings and have an innate desire to better yourself.

Go forth and detoxify!

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